Gold Yumehada is not a basic skin care. It's the doctor for your skin

Published: 13-Jan-2020

Gold Yumehad is designed to be skin-friendly, with all-natural ingredients, so you can achieve clean skin in one step without the use of make-up remover.

Gold Yumehada is not only repairing the skin but it also prolongs the elasticity of the skin with long term anti-aging effects.

Gold Yumehada is manufactured and designed for the busy modern women who wants to achieve the perfect skin using a simple process.

The main component of Gold Yumehada is the γ-PGA, which is extracted during the fermentation process of natto and sulfur. Since the ancient times in Japan, this has been contained in natural hot spring water.

Based on various studies, this ingredient has been found to be a natural ingredient that is safe and effective.

γ-PGA can increase the water content of cells, forms a film that traps moisture in the skin, and has a moisturising effect.

In addition, natto contains the rich in vitamin B2, it can be expected to have a fantastic anti-aging effect.

The sulfur contained in natural hot spring water, can be expected to have a high moisturising effect, detoxify cells, and tighten the skin.

We believe that the high content of these ingredients will result in a product that can be used over a short or long period of time, offering protection for the skin.

Not only does it have the effect of repairing the skin in a short time, but it also has the effect of keeping the tone of the skin constantly and prolonging the elasticity of the skin after long-term use.

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