Greentech active ingredient promotes positive ageing

Published: 14-Jan-2019

The latest ingredient, Hebelys, was found to offer emotional benefits in the Rosenberg test

Greentech has introduced an active cosmetic ingredient to maintain skin beauty in the over-60s.

Today’s population expects to live longer and to maintain good health, but increasingly consumers are embracing ageing as part of their personal identity, says the supplier.

Its latest ingredient, Hebelys, is linked to these concepts; by acting on the key biological targets of senescence, it boosts the cutaneous architecture to maintain the skin in those aged 60 and over.

The ingredient was created in collaboration with French biotechnology company Deinove from Sphingomonas hydrophobicum, a microorganism that grows and survives in stressful environments.

A clinical study performed on 24 subjects between 60 and 70 years old supported promising results concerning Hebelys’ ability to improve dermal integrity.

The study demonstrated an increase in skin suppleness by 12%; a 9% reduction in roughness; a decrease of average relief on the face by 8%; an improvement in uniformity by 14%; and cutaneous barrier maintenance.

Moreover, Hebelys improves smoothness and has an anti-wrinkle effect on crow’s feet.

In the Rosenberg test, Hebelys was found to increase self-esteem by 10.5%, offering emotional benefits.

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