HY AM Pure uses hydrogen as the innovative active ingredient to maintain skin longevity


Molecular hydrogen has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. It is the smallest molecule with an outstanding penetration time and can reach even the deeper skin layers.

HY AM Pure uses hydrogen as the innovative active ingredient to maintain skin longevity

The challenge in developing hydrogen cosmetics is to ensure that hydrogen is available during application with the maximum benefit to the user. Hydrogen is very volatile and often escapes completely before application. HY AM Pure is the first cosmetics brand in Europe that has succeeded in making the innovative active ingredient molecular hydrogen available just before it is applied to the skin, thus exploiting its full potential. Patents are pending.

HY AM's highly effective hydrogen-based actives can support skin health at the cellular level, enabling them to contribute to skin longevity.

The anhydrous H2 products are activated with water or a water-containing product, making molecular hydrogen available to the skin and allowing it to reach its full potential.

As the smallest molecule with an antioxidant effect, molecular hydrogen can easily and quickly penetrate deep into the lowest layers of the skin and thus exert its cell-protective, antioxidant effect at the smallest cell level. Due to its positive effects on the collagen framework, the skin can gain new elasticity and vitality. Skin ageing processes can be positively influenced by hydrogen and can improve skin longevity at various levels.

Through this innovative concept, HY AM products have inherently transformative textures that gently blend with the skin.

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A matter of course for the founding team: the claim to develop high-performance, sustainable, resource-saving and also natural cosmetic products. These pillars are very important for the next beauty generation. HY AM formulations are skin-based and protect the skin while providing the best care.