Hair Revive [MM+Zn] plant shell, to rejuvenate the hair and scalp

Published: 12-Apr-2023

At in-cosmetics global in Barcelona (March 28-30), Naolys, the leader in active plant cells made by a sustainable biotechnology for the cosmetics industry, presented its brand new anti-ageing active ingredient dedicated to hair and scalp, combining plant cell culture and a famous mineral: HairRevive [MM+Zn]

Natural Tech and Tradition

HairRevive [MM+Zn] is a new active plant shell made of a cell of musk mallow (malva moschata) with zinc inside. Because the musk mallow is a perennial herbaceous plant famous for its fragrant flowers, it is commonly used in gardens as an ornamental plant. And zinc is an important nutrient in small amounts for the growth of cells, the creation of DNA, building keratin and for the formation of the skin’s structural proteins, but that is not synthesised by the human body.

That new active plant shell will help to extend the hair growth cycle, therefore will help to keep hair longer and darker.

In vitro tests show a significant effect on key mechanisms involved in the hair growth cycle:

  • Maintaining the cell proliferation in increasing the synthesis of the Vascular
  • Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) providing a regeneration effect
  • Maintaining the production of melanin in increasing the cyclic Adenosine
  • Monophosphate (AMPc) providing a dark regulation effect
  • Helping to decrease the production of DHT thanks to a reduction of the activity of the 5 alpha reductase providing a restructuring effect
  • And protecting the cell functions thanks to a reduction of oxidation (decrease of MDA) providing a protective effect

A clinical study made on 20 women from 25 to 45 years old with damaged and dry natural hair showed an improve of hair aspect: hair looks shinier and smoother (application once a day, during 28 days).

All tests were carried out with a concentration of 0.5% (20% cells in 80% vegetable glycerin). HairRevive [MM+Zn] does not contain any preservatives. It can be used in natural and classic formulae for haircare products (hair treatment, liquid or solid shampoos, serums, masks, etc.) thanks to the 4 forms available (3 liquids and 1 solid – powder). ISO 16128 certificates available on request (100% natural or 100% natural origin for liquid forms of the product).

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