Halal cosmetics – Go West


The Halal cosmetics market is expanding to western territories with notable effect

Halal cosmetics may be booming in Asia but they are gaining traction in western markets too, as Kitty So reports

Demand for Halal cosmetics in Asian and Middle Eastern countries continues to grow but up until now the market has been relatively overlooked in the west. This looks set to change, however, as consumers, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, are attracted by the natural claims and mild ingredients used in Halal cosmetics.

“We see sales of Halal cosmetics are most active in Asia, especially Muslim countries,” said Amarjit Sahota, Managing Director of Organic Monitor, a UK based research and consulting group focused on organic industries worldwide. The organisation highlighted the potential of Halal cosmetics at its Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Hong Kong last November. Halal cosmetics have gained traction in countries with large Muslim populations, such as Malaysia, he added. On the other hand, few products have been certified Halal in Europe, where the Muslim population is still relatively small.


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