Heaven launches new skin saving beauty drops


Renowned in the beauty industry for her game changing skincare including her world renowned Bee Venom Masks – Deborah Mitchell unveils her new anti-ageing weapons

Heaven Skin Care Collagen Drops

Now available in Heaven salons and online, Collagen Drops contain high levels of super skin-boosting marine collagen to leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

Deborah has been busy researching, creating and testing these innovative skincare supplements since 2013 as part of her Inner Beauty collection. The contain potent anti-aging vitamins and minerals – including marine collagen, glucosamine, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and Biotin – to improve the skin’s hydration and elasticity, promote healthy, shiny hair and boost energy.

Available in a handy dropper bottle, simply add a few drops to food or drink. You can also. supercharge your everyday moisturiser into a high-strength collagen cream or apply directly to the skin to tackle blemishes and fine lines.

“I’ve been working on these new supplements for a number of years now and because I am using high levels of collagen the results so far have been just really impressive, from . No wonder my clients absolutely love them.”

Katie has been using Collagen Drops for a month and has been delighted with the results.

“At first I noticed my skin was glowing and then my hair looked really shiny and healthy. Once I had completed my month’s supply of drops I stopped taking them and straight away I spotted a difference – my skin doesn't have that extra glow and my hair has started to look dull again. It’s definitely time to reorder; I’ve realised I can’t live without my Collagen Drops – I want my glow back!”

Heaven Skin Care Alpine Drops

Heaven launches new skin saving beauty drops

It’s true that we are what we eat … but what if you could make every mouthful of food or every sip of your drink even better for you? Heaven’s Alpine Drops boost vitamin absorption and water purity to improve body function.

Inspired by the very essence of the Alpines, where you’ll find the cleanest air and water molecules, they capture nature’s finest ingredients, including volcanic ash and pine sap, to help neutralise the negative impact pollutants can have on our bodies.

There are three phials – Activator, Balancer and Maintenance – that work over a two-week cycle. Deborah used her Alpine Drops before and after a recent operation on my knees, leading to a speedy recovery and a return to work in just three weeks.

“I also lost weight gradually, despite having an issue with my thyroid which had previously made it very difficult to shift those excess pounds. My skin looks clearer, like I have foundation on all the time, and I’m not suffering the pain from spondylitis in my neck any more. They are so easy to use – I just add a drop in my drink whenever I think about it. And if I feel I need for an extra boost then I put a large squirt in a glass of squash and that makes me feel more energetic. If someone said I could not use them now, I would be devastated.”

Collagen Drops are available online here and Alpine Drops are available here

Both are priced at £37 for a box of three phials or you can order by subscription with one box every two weeks, saving £9.50 per box.

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