Help your customers feel confident with holiday-ready legs and feet

By Sarah Parsons 13-Apr-2017

After months of being hidden under thick tights and trousers, customers may feel shy about revealing their legs and feet this summer. Our simple four-week plan will get them feeling holiday-ready in no time

4 Weeks To Go: Prep, Prep, Prep

If your customer has a month to go until a big summer event or holiday, encourage them to get into a good moisturising routine. The winter has wreaked havoc on their skin and this major organ is confused after constantly going from damp and cold conditions to centrally heated and dry ones. For both feet and legs it’s important to moisturise every day to hydrate skin and get rid of that dull winter look.

Dermatologist and Founder of the Clinogen clinic, Dr Sujata Jolly, says: “Customers should moisturise the skin immediately after bathing to prevent moisture loss during the day.” She adds: “If the skin is exceptionally dry and flaky, apply a moisturiser again before going to bed to increase hydration levels within the skin's epidermal layers. Before bed, put socks over moisturised feet and in the morning feet will be soft and smooth.”

Experts also suggest a daily leg massage to improve circulation. But tell your customer it’s ...

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