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How YouTube's anti-haul videos have been given the TikTok makeover

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 23-Feb-2023

The new deinfluencing trend is leaving many beauty brands worried about their reputation about product offering. What key steps can they take to navigate the new anti-consumer trend?

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After over a decade of beauty influencer marketing, content creators have now taken to TikTok with the new deinfluencing trend.

A typical deinfleuncing video sees a TikToker or influencer name products they do like or outright hate from beauty brands, whilst also recommending competitor brands they prefer.

But the idea of opposing and calling out overconsumption through social media is also not a new concept.

Anti-haul videos, which are essentially a longer format of deinfluencing, have been featured on YouTube as far back as 2017.

So how does deinfluencing differ? And why has it emerged in 2023?

The term, which has been searched more 223 million times on TikTok, has struck a chord with consumers, with videos regularly receiving hundreds of thousands of views.

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