How beauty brands are breaking free from big retailers


Imogen Matthews discovers how free standing stores went from something of a novelty to a global trend

How beauty brands are breaking free from big retailers

In major cities across the world beauty brands have been setting up shop. At first it was a novelty, but it's now an important global trend.

For owning their personal retail space means that brands can get closer to their customers and do things their way, far removed from the limitations of the multi-brand beauty hall.

Brands are expanding into their own space for many reasons, not least that retail is hugely overspaced since the 2008 downturn and has never really recovered.

Demand for new stores from mainstream retailers is very weak, says Richard Hyman, a leading retail industry consultant. He believes there are great deals with attractive incentives for new occupants.

"Landlords are desperate," he remarks, "and they are especially desperate for brands that are ...

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