How to maintain online sales amid fierce competition


In an analysis of today’s retail landscape, Poorna Rodrigo finds that online sales are weakening big brands, but notes that indie scrappers will also have to fight to retain consumer loyalty

How to maintain online sales amid fierce competition

Online-savvy cosmetics consumers are becoming more adventurous. Gone are the days when they would only trust the quality of traditional brands bought unseen on the web.

Instead, consumers are investigating product ingredients carefully, as well as reading online reviews – and, armed with such information, they are often choosing to buy emerging, smaller brands over known ones.

This trend has forced the industry across the board to play by a whole new set of best practices to stay ahead of the game, experts say.

This trend has been fuelled by the growth in power and numbers of third-party e-tailers that offer consumers myriad product options:

“Nowhere has this shift been more apparent than on ...

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