How to spot a fake beauty influencer

Social media influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing channels in beauty advertising, but just how easy is it to become a fake Instagram influencer?

Marketing agency MediaKix created several fake social media accounts

Tinni Guha Roy

The Instagram influencer market size is currently $1bn. That figure is set to double by 2019, but when there's a trend, there will (unfortunately) always be fakes.

Think knock-off Louis Vuitton handbags in the noughties and the discovery of counterfeit Kylie Cosmetics lip kits earlier this year.

But it's not just products that fraudsters have found a way to replicate: fake social media influencers are on the rise too. This summer, one marketing agency revealed how easy it was to create a profile using a few stock images and $300.

Tinni Guha Roy is Head of Digital at social media agency Access Brand Communications. Here, she reveals to Cosmetics Business the key tells when it comes to fake influencer profiles and what the problem means for the beauty industry.

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