ICS launches virtual tradeshow series

Published: 22-Jan-2021

ICS has launched a 3-part virtual trade show video series following the postponement and cancellation of many beauty tradeshows

International Cosmetic Suppliers, Ltd. (ICS) pioneers the way for showcasing innovation online with their Virtual Tradeshow Series. ICS has launched a 3-part virtual trade show video series following the postponement and cancellation of many beauty tradeshows.

The 3-part video series features trending and innovative products from 3 main product categories: Self care and hygiene, mini and full-size packaging and sustainable packaging.

Part 1 of the Virtual Tradeshow on Selfcare and Hygiene references the change that Covid-19 has had on consumer beauty habits. Colour cosmetics and skin care are adjusting to a new way of life as more emphasis is being placed on consumer's wellbeing and scrutinous hygiene.

With more time being spent at home, DIY home facials are on the rise, especially as a result from the dreaded maskne we’re all facing.

The ICS’ Virtual Tradeshow introduces their various selfcare and wellness products, such as facial sheet masks, facial rollers and facial tools.

ICS also showcases their huge selection of packaging with built-in applicators. With today's hygiene conscious world skin care packaging with built-in applicators are increasingly in demand since they remove the need to touch or apply the formulation with fingers.

Part 2 of their Virtual Tradeshow focuses on Mini and Full-size packaging. Due to increased hygiene standards, the habits of testing a product before buying have changed and consumers can no longer experience in-store testers.

And as a result, mini-size or mono-dose packaging is becoming a more common purchasing habit.

ICS’ Virtual Tradeshow displays a wide range of mini and full-size packaging families available at ICS from lipgloss to mascaras, tubes to sticks and more, for both colour cosmetics and skin care.

Part 3 of their Virtual Tradeshow highlights ICS’ wide range of sustainable packaging. ICS have been cultivating their eco-friendly products for over two decades and the Virtual Tradeshow showcases a wide range of options, including ICS exclusive biodegradable packaging, mono-material packaging, packaging containing PCR, refillable packaging, glass, aluminum and recyclable material packaging, FSC and recycled paper packaging and packaging made with Sugarcane and other new innovation in bio-resins.

View the ICS’ Virtual Tradeshow videos in the links below and for more information about any of the products featured, please contact info@ics-world.com. Be the change and choose sustainable beauty with ICS.

ICS Virtual Tradeshow 2020 (part 1/3) - Selfcare and Hygiene

ICS Virtual Tradeshow 2020 (part 2/3) - Mini and Full-size Packaging

ICS Virtual Tradeshow 2020 (part 3/3) - Sustainable Packaging

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