Inolex launches two new sustainable preservation ingredients

Published: 16-Nov-2022

Lexgard GH70 Natural and Spectrastat GHL Natural control microbial growth with safe, natural preservation technology

Inolex has launched two sustainable and natural preservation ingredients, adding further optionality to its comprehensive portfolio of safe, effective, and consumer acceptable technologies to protect products from microbial contamination.

With the continued introduction of new 100% natural options, Inolex is intent on helping brands achieve safe and effective preservation to move forward in their pursuit of sustainable consumer products.

“Safe preservation ingredients aren’t one-size-fits-all. We’ve designed our portfolio of biobased preservation technologies to anticipate a customer’s requirements,” said Michael J. Fevola, PhD, VP of R&D and Product Stewardship. “Our research and efficacy testing enable brands to confidently select the preservation component or complete system that is best suited to their product development needs.”

Lexgard GH70 Natural (Glyceryl Heptanoate) is the first non-palm, 100% natural, and ultra-mild preservation component on the market. The patent-pending, multifunctional ingredient is an entirely plant-based bacteriostatic medium chain terminal diol. It provides antimicrobial control in formulations by functioning as a building block for a customised Hurdle Technology system.

A glyceryl ester, Lexgard GH70 Natural is significantly milder to skin than traditional preservation components making it well suited to sensitive skin, facial care, and baby care applications. Its cold processable and liquid format provides ease-of-manufacturing and its compatibility with solubilisers makes it ideal for clear formulations.

Spectrastat GHL Natural (Caprylhydroxamic Acid (and) Glyceryl Heptanoate (and) Propanediol) is an ultra-mild and 100% natural complete preservation system. Its optimised combination of multifunctional ingredients allows formulators to easily create self-preserving formulations using a Hurdle Technology approach.

Spectrastat GHL Natural offers ease of formulation and maintains efficacy over a broad pH range. The mildness of Caprylhydroxamic Acid and Glyceryl Heptanoate makes this ingredient system ideal for sensitive skin, facial care, and baby care applications, while also being well suited for clear formulations.

“We employ the Hurdle Technology approach across our portfolio of safe preservation options, using multiple barriers to control microbial growth,” notes Lisa Gandolfi, PhD, VP Marketing. “This intelligent combination of different preservation techniques, or ‘hurdles’, allows brands to achieve broad spectrum, mild, and reliable preservation effects with consumer acceptable ingredients.”

Lexgard GH70 Natural and Spectrastat GHL Natural are both free of parabens, formaldehyde donors, MIT, phenoxyethanol, and other traditional preservatives. The product claims are verified with numerous industry standards and certifications including having 100% USDA certified biobased content; ISO Natural Origin of 1.0; NSF/ANSI 305 Approved; Readily Biodegradable; Vegan & Cruelty Free; Halal Certified; and Kosher Compliant. Additionally, Lexgard GH70 Natural is NATRUE Approved, and COSMOS Approved.

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