Intimate beauty brand Rosebud Woman takes steps towards zero carbon footprint

By Becky Bargh 17-Sep-2020

The brand aims to achieve carbon neutral status with the help of greenhouse gas calculating firm Cooler

Intimate beauty brand Rosebud Woman takes steps towards zero carbon footprint

Intimate skin care brand Rosebud Woman has turned its attention towards operating a carbon neutral business with a new link up.

In partnership with Cooler, a software company that calculates the carbon footprint of a product or service, the brand can now measure its greenhouse gas output and eliminate an equivalent amount.

Through Cooler, Rosebud Woman is also buying permits away from polluters.

“Cooler measures the carbon impact of our entire product line, from how we source our ingredients and packaging to how we ship products,” said Rosebud Woman’s founder Christine Marie Mason.

“This is absolutely vital because we believe that we are nature. We are the planet. And our activities are an integral part of how we create a more harmonious ecosystem that includes the natural world, humans and the things we make and buy.

“For them to be able to make the right choice when they shop, the sort of information we’re now providing with Cooler must be available and credible.”

The new initiative stands with other commitments made by Rosebud Woman to ensure it operates sustainably.

“These include Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, organic sourcing and green energy,” Mason added.

The brand’s product line includes a calming cream, cleansing spray, intimate wipes and stimulating serum.

“We hope this new partnership will help our community members feel even more confident about shopping with Rosebud Woman,” continued Mason.

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“We see this as another step towards harmony between businesses, makers, workers, citizens and all of nature.”


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