JD Jojoba Oil and the Function of Fragrance

JD Jojoba Oil and its formulations prove to retain perfume materials at a higher rate

Part of the challenges the cosmetic industry is dealing with is the contradiction raised by consumers regarding fragrance in their product. On one hand, customers want fragrant products that will be pleasant to use and feature a long-lasting scent.

This is one of the parameters that can affect the consumer more than anything while purchasing their products. On the other hand, clean and natural beauty requires manufacturers to use as little fragrance as possible in the product, and consumers are especially insistent on this when it comes to baby products.

Taking into consideration that Jojoba oil is a natural stabiliser for different oils, and the fact that fragrances are composed of volatile substances which evaporate over time, JD used the services of a professional laboratory in order to test if JD Jojoba Oil could stabilise fragrance materials by deceleration of their evaporation rate.

During the first stage of the experiment, two samples of pure oils were tested – JD Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond oil – combined with 5% of Geranium essential oil, test subjects evaluated the odor intensity during a three-hour timeframe.

Both oils started with the same odor intensity. By the end of the experiment, the odor intensity in JD Jojoba Oil sample was higher than the odor intensity in the Almond oil, showing the evaporation rate of the essential oil from the JD Jojoba Oil sample was slower.

In order to see whether this phenomenon would behave the same in a formula, the lab tested a sample of basic aqua cream formulation with both oils and Geranium essential oil as a perfume.

In this case, after the cream application, the panelists were asked to rank the loss in odor intensity for each sample. After three hours, the essential oil evaporated in both products, resulting in the loss of odor intensity; however, in the case of formulation based on JD Jojoba Oil, the evaporation rate was slower.

“Through these experiments, we proved that JD Jojoba oil can stabilise the scent and ensure slow release of odor by the sensorial approach in pure oil and in a basic cream formulation,” says Dr. Anna Aharoni, R&D Manager at Jojoba Desert.

“This performance benefit of JD Jojoba Oil can be valuable in each cosmetic product that contain some amount of oil. When the product is formulated with JD Jojoba Oil, the odor can last longer, even if highly volatile perfumes are used.”

JD Jojoba Oil enables the manufacturers and consumers to enjoy clean beauty trend without having to compromise on performance or on long-lasting scent.

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