Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics responds to 'mouldy' lipstick social media backlash

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 13-Jun-2019

The make-up artist and beauty vlogger has received a number of complaints from customers over the standard of her new brand

Jaclyn Cosmetics has responded to consumer worries over the safety of its ‘hairy’ and ‘mouldy’ lipsticks.

The brand, founded by beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill, released its debut collection with 20 nude shades of lipsticks on 30 May.

Although the range quickly sold out, once the shipments arrived, a number of disgruntled consumers took to social media to complain about the quality of the products.

According to some social media users, the lipsticks had been contaminated with what appeared to be hair, others noted that the products were damaged or had lumps and bubbles in the bullet.

There have also been a number of YouTube videos scrutinising the launch, with some posts earning more than three million views.

A petition via change.org has also been created calling for the brand to recall the products.

Hill addressed the concerns via her personal social media accounts: “I want to thank you all for the unbiased feedback on my lipstick collection.

“The good, the bad and the ugly. Every comment or concern that has been brought to my attention has not been taken lightly.”

The mega-influencer went on to release a YouTube video addressing the criticism, which has been seen nearly 1.5 million times in less than ten hours.

In an official statement, Jaclyn Cosmetics said that only a small number of customers have received substandard products, but that all of the items are safe to use.

“The issues reported over the last several days are related to irregularities in the manufacturing process which are being fixed and do not impact the ingredients, formula, or safety of our products.

“Additionally, we want to provide assurances to customers who may have heard that our products are old, or contain mould – this is false.”

It added: “The preservative system, material composition of the formula, and processing temperature of our lipstick does not support microbial growth and protects the product through the expiration date of May 2021.”

Hill, a former MAC make-up artist, previously partnered with Becca and Morphe Cosmetics before launching her own brand.

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