Kerascalp: A healthy scalp for a healthy hair

Scalp and hair care is famously linked to our self-perception, confidence and identity, and high-performing products are certainly must-haves in achieving one’s hair goals.

For today's well-being and for tomorrow´s well-aging, we created Kerascalp, a natural active ingredient derived from Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) fruits.

Kerascalp protects and improves hair's anchoring, thereby leading to a healthy scalp and a healthy hair, visibly through the improvement of the shine, texture and volume.

The search for tools to mitigate the climate crisis, preserve health and well-being, reduce discrimination and simplify daily life, are the concerns that link all consumers globally.

Driven by consumer's needs, Provital has combined ancient ayurvedic well-aging secret and advanced botanical research in our latest innovation.

KERASCALP is the scalp and hair care ally that brings the scalp back into balance for a healthy hair:

  • The power to reverse time: preserves Collagen XVII (COL17A1) in the hair follicle by increasing its expression and limiting its degradation
  • Healthy scalp and full-bodied hair: enhances proliferation (Ki67 positive cells) in the hair bulb
  • Steady hair growth: shows a clear efficacy on hair growth in only 7 days of treatment
  • Multi-functional: increases total and anagen hair number, gloss, strength and number of thick hairs.

Kerascalp awakes and energizes the scalp for a shinier and stronger hair.

Learn more about it visiting our booth J29 in in-cosmetics Asia.

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