LEHVOSS to distribute BHA-free retinol products

Published: 5-Jan-2018

LEHVOSS PC Group is pleased to announce that it is now distributing Health & Beauty Solution’s BHA-Free Retinol Products

The proven anti-ageing power of Retinol is now available in a BHA-Free 50% active form (Retinol C50) and as entrapments in the Health & Beauty Solutions (HBS) Microsponge,  Polypore and Microsponge N proprietary microparticle delivery systems. 

Health & Beauty Solutions developed the BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole)-free versions of these products due to global regulatory concerns.

The European Union prohibits the use of BHA as fragrance ingredient in cosmetics, and in the USA, the state of California requires a warning label on BHA-containing products sold in the state per CA Proposition 65.

The HBS proprietary microparticle delivery systems provide sustained-release of retinol in skin care formulations that is clinically proven to reduce irritation while maintaining the well-established anti-ageing efficacy of retinol. 

The reduction in irritation and redness improves customer compliance with treatment regimens and yields improved anti-ageing results that the users can see.

The microparticle technology also improves the stability of retinol in finished product formulations, reducing manufacturing difficulties and improving formulation stability.

The latest microparticle technology from HBS is the Microsponge Natural delivery system. Microsponge N has the INCI name “Cellulose” and is available with retinol and other actives to support the development of more natural finished product formulations.

Contact your LEHVOSS representative to learn more about what Health & Beauty Solutions BHA-Free Retinol products and other ingredients can do to improve your formulations.

* Microsponge is a registered trademark ingredient of LEHVOSS UK Ltd.

LEHVOSS will exhibit at Cosmetagora Paris, 9-10 January 2018 - stand #96

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