L'Oréal pulls Shu Uemura out of US and increases German focus

C&T giant enters period of restructure

L'Oréal appears to be entering a period of major restructuring. Unconfirmed reports from generally reliable German sources indicate that the cosmetics major intends to set up a significant operation in Germany on an independent basis, without taking the acquisitions route.

Meanwhile, L'Oréal has said it will cease to market its Shu Uemura brand care and make-up products in the US. The Japanese brand was acquired in 2004 and only accounts for a modest percentage of US market sales. L'Oréal has said it wants to devote its distribution resources to a limited number of strategic luxury brands in order to improve sales growth. There will be a refocusing on Kiehl's, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme and Armani though US consumers will be able to purchase Shu Uemura products online.