L’Oréal reveals AI chatbot with Mya Systems to help job candidates

By Austyn King 25-Oct-2018

The French beauty giant receives more than 1 million job applications every year

L’Oréal reveals AI chatbot with Mya Systems to help job candidates

L’Oréal has unveiled its first chatbot in partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Mya Systems, aiming to help people applying for jobs and internships at the beauty giant.

Designed to create a more efficient and user-friendly recruitment process, the Mya chatbot asks candidates a range of questions to determine whether they meet the position requirements, such as 'Are you available at the internship start date and throughout the entire internship period?'and 'Do you need us to make any reasonable adjustments in order for you to be able to complete your application?'

The chatbot also asks if candidates have any further questions about the application process, job details or company culture before putting those who qualify in touch with recruiters at L’Oréal.

A winning application

Niilesh Bhoite, Chief Digital Officer for HR at L’Oréal, said the Mya chatbot had received positive feedback during its initial launch: “The results of the first 10,000 recruiting conversations show that Mya engages with 92% of our candidates in an efficient way and achieves a near 100% satisfaction rate.

“Many commented on how easy and personal the experience felt.”

L’Oréal receives more than 1 million job applications every year, and hopes the chatbot will enable it to manage an even higher number in the future.

Jean-Claude Le Grand, Executive Vice-President of Human Relations, added: “This new technology reinforces HR people’s counsellor role and enables them to really focus on the qualitative and human dimension of the recruitment process.”

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Accessible via mobile for on-the-go use, the Mya chatbot is available for L’Oréal candidates in the UK, US and France, and is set to roll out to other countries in the future.