La Prairie promises to jump start skin function

Published: 7-Jun-2011

Cellular Power Infusion claimed as its ‘most brilliant scientific achievement’

La Prairie (Beiersdorf) has developed a ‘three-dimensional age defiance system’ promising to restore skin of any age to a more youthful state in what it claims is its ‘most brilliant scientific achievement to date’.

“The significance of Cellular Power Infusion lies in the development of a radical three-pronged approach that simultaneously treats the key factors that contribute to skin ageing: loss of energy, handicapped functionality of skin cells and a general weakening of skin tissue,” says Dr Sven Gohla, vp R&D for La Prairie.

Cellular Power Infusion features three patent-pending biotechnologies – Skin Renewal Peptide, Swiss Snow Algae and Tissue Guidance Matrix – plus another on the novel packaging.

The Skin Renewal Peptide is said to help activate epidermal stem cells and support the skin’s own renewal system. La Prairie says it ensures a supply of newborn cells when needed, excites cellular energy and stimulates collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to encourage the return of structure, firmness and elasticity.

Swiss Snow Algae is an extremophile sourced from the upper glaciers of the Swiss Alps. Able to survive UV, cold and dryness this is said to impart these benefits to activate longevity genes in skin cells, protect the mitochondria from UV stress and return dull, tired skin to luminous clarity.

The Tissue Guidance Matrix has been developed from medical research in the area of burns and promises to support the restructuring of skin tissue, integrating younger skin cells into ageing skin to guide tissue renewal, firmness and elasticity.

In addition phyto stem cell extract of Swiss red grapes is said to protect the skin’s own epidermal stem cells, allowing them to replenish and maintain the balance of cells and regenerate damaged skin. La Prairie’s Cellular Complex is also incorporated to help stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process, moisturising and energising to encourage optimal functioning.

All actives are said to be incorporated at optimal levels of activity. But to ensure they maintain this certain ingredients need to be kept separate, hence the new packaging. The silver base is twisted to release one phase (including the Tissue Guidance Matrix and the Cellular Complex at the bottom) into another (including the Skin Renewal Peptide and Swiss Snow Algae at the top) and the two are then shaken together. Once activated, Cellular Power Infusion will maintain its optimum activity for seven to ten days. It is designed to be used twice a day for 28-40 days to coincide with the skin’s natural renewal cycle. After initial treatment it is then suggested for use every three to four months, particularly after periods of excessive stress, lengthy air travel, illness and abrupt change of climate or season. It should be used in addition to a regular skin care regime.

A pack of 4 x 7.8ml bottles retails at £3.10/€380.

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