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Pernilla Rönnberg, founder of organic skin care brand Estelle & Thild talks to Cosmetic News Weekly about the values that drive the brand.

Estelle & Thild is an organic skin care brand based in Sweden which prides itself on high quality ingredients based on natural extracts and oils. It can now be found in 1,200 stores around the world. Founder Pernilla Rönnberg talks to Cosmetic News Weekly about the values that drive the brand.

What inspired the launch of Estelle & Thild?

After working as a CEO at a Nordic cosmetics company I became uncomfortable with the ingredients that we were selling to women. There was a lack of quality organic products. I wanted my two daughters to grow up in a world with clean sustainable alternatives without having to sacrifice a sense of luxury or fine ingredients.

What are the factors in the development of the brand's products?

We are a company run mostly by women. We pull from our own experiences of what we look for in products. We undergo a rigorous production process for every new product to ensure that it is up to Ecocert's organic certification, and that it not only works efficiently but the texture, scent and entire experience is beautiful. We make a point of staying on top of the latest research in the field, and there is also a huge emphasis on looking to our customers for direction.

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