Lynx stalks Gen Z with AI-powered body spray

By Julia Wray | 16-Aug-2022

The Unilever brand’s new addition is the latest in a series of launches claiming to capture the aroma of technology

Unilever’s male toiletries brand Lynx has launched a new fragrance powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Lynx A.I. Body Spray was developed using 46 terabytes of data, 6,000 ingredients and 3.5 million potential fragrance combinations to create one unique scent, according to the brand, which retails as Axe in certain markets.

The new limited-edition fragrance has been developed to tap into Gen Z’s fascination with the world of tech and crypto, and drive excitement into the deodorants category.

Its launch follows that of Dr. Squatch’s Crypto Cleanse bar soap in July; the cleanser has a minty-banana scent promising “non-fungible freshness”. Crypto Cleanse’s release was celebrated with the minting of 3 NFTs.

Rook Perfumes, meanwhile, offers Scent of the Metaverse. Described as the first NFT perfume ever created, the fragrance was inspired by “something that was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time”.

The £185 fragrance’s notes, according to the brand, include white smoke, warm circularity, digital rose and celestial incense.

With the fascination with all things Web3 remaining strong, but the NFT space becoming increasingly saturated by beauty (and other) brands, can we expect to see more names offering a fresh take on technological advancements in the form of fragrance?

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