Mascara specialist GEKA launches new bi-injected brush design

Published: 16-Oct-2020

Designed for heavenly lash lengthening and defined volume: pureDEFINITION brush – a bi-injected brush produced with GEKA's Sandwich technology

Thanks to the harder, colourful brush core, the brush is stable enough to lift and separate the lashes. Transparent, soft bristles reach the finest lashes and are gentle to the eyes.

The slight hourglass shape of the pureDEFINITION brush with its concave middle part is perfectly adapted to the shape of the eyeball and its lash line.

The lashes are pushed upwards during the application and become curled and lengthened while they get covered with the bulk. Extra feature: the bristles at the tip even reach the tiniest lashes in the corner of the eyes and create an extra push-up effect.

Alternate rows of conical bristles and slim wedge-shaped discs: The gaps between the bristles and discs create bulk reservoir zones so that a lot of formula can be transported to the lashes.

Still, lashes do not stick together as they are separated and lengthened by the bristles and discs. The result: Defined volume.

A bi-injection process: GEKA's Sandwich technology

This innovative two-shot manufacturing technology is the answer for all, that recognize molded brushes as too hard and too stiff during the application compared to fibre brushes.

The Sandwich technology works with two different plastic materials – a soft one for the bristles and a harder one for the core. Thus, the brush becomes firm and provides great control for an exact application result.

By playing with 4 different shore degrees within the same brush design, the makeup performance can be modified as desired. The two components of the brush allow to have two-colored variations even having transparent bristles – a great possibility to differentiate on the market and to add branding value to the brush.

With a strong heritage dating back to 1925, GEKA provides a vast range of impressive brushes, applicators, a wide range of beauty accessories as well as complete packaging systems, all of which can be delivered fully finished and ready for sale.

We own more than 600 patents and 4.000 brush designs to our name. Our product portfolio comprises solutions for mascara, eyebrow products, lip gloss, eyeliner, liquid eye shadow, liquid foundation and concealer as well as fully finished products.

In addition, we design, develop and source all types of beauty accessories such as cosmetic brushes, powder puffs, sponges, hair products and massage items. 

We have an established global presence and provide our customers with a combination of global reach supported by a local presence for direct and immediate access, feedback and solutions.

We are having all manufacturing technologies for molded brushes available to use freely. This makes us a really strong partner for molded brushes in the liquid cosmetics industry.

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