Mibelle introduces PhytoCellTe nunatak

Published: 9-Apr-2015

PhytoCellTec nunatak, the latest stem cell active based on stem cells which come from the high alpine plant Saponaria pumila.

PhytoCellTec nunatak, the latest stem cell active based on stem cells which come from the high alpine plant Saponaria pumila. This flower survived the last ice age by growing on ice-free mountain peaks, which are known as Nunataks. The distinctive survival characteristics of Saponaria pumila are still preserved in their stem cells and these are now available for skin care. PhytoCellTec nunatak, has shown to efficiently protect dermal stem cells against UV-induced stress and to also maintain their stem cell activity.

  • Protects and vitalises dermal stem cells
  • Re-densifies skin
  • Fortifies skin’s self-defence activities

The plant cell culture technology PhytoCellTec was used to produce in a sustainable way Saponaria pumila cells. The technology is based on the unlimited proliferation potential of dedifferentiated, plant stem cells. PhytoCellTec nunatak is a liposomal preparation of these stem cells.

Protective effect of Saponaria pumila stem cell extract on dermal stem cells
The treatment of dermal stem cells with PhytoCellTec nunatak showed a positive effect on the sphere number of unexposed cultures (+21%). In UV/VIS exposed cultures, the sphere number decreased by 48%. Treatment with PhytoCellTec nunatak was also found to protect against irradiation with the sphere number being 35% higher in irradiated cultures compared to the unprotected control. This indicates that PhytoCellTec nunatak enhances the formation and proliferation of dermal stem cells in cell cultures and protects them against the harmful effects of UV and visible light irradiation.

Quality and regeneration potential of dermal stem cell
Another study evaluated the size of the spheres that were formed. This gives an important indication in regard to the quality of the dermal stem cells. Conversely to the control, in cultures pre-treated with Saponaria pumila stem cell extract, the repartition of the sphere size was almost entirely unaffected by UV-irradiation. This demonstrates Saponaria pumila stem cells can maintain the renewal potential of the dermal stem cells despite environmental stress.

Re-densifying of skin matrix by increasing dermal stem cell activity
Twenty women aged between 44.2 and 59.5 with sun-damaged skin applied either a cream with 0.4 % PhytoCellTec nunatak or the corresponding placebo twice daily for 28 days to the inner side of their forearms. The density of their skin (epidermis and dermis) was determined by ultrasonic measurements.

The application of PhytoCellTec nunatak over 4 weeks re-densified the dermis by almost 10% compared to initial conditions (figure 1).

Mibelle introduces PhytoCellTe nunatak

INCI (EU / PCPC) Declaration
Saponaria Pumila Callus Culture Extract (and) Isomalt (and) Lecithin (and) Aqua/Water

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