Microbial solutions for cosmetics manufacturers


Microbial solutions for cosmetics manufacturers

You have a warehouse full of product ready to go. You know it’s clean, but you have to wait for QC. Why?

With ever-increasing regulations and brand reputation on the line you can’t afford a recall. But as you wait for the results, your competition’s products are already on store shelves.

Leading cosmetics companies know they don’t have to wait for traditional release test results. They know how to reduce their production cycle, risk, and inventory while increasing yields, meeting regulatory requirements, and protecting their brand.

What’s the key to their success? Rapid microbial detection using Celsis ATP-bioluminescence detection.

For years, the world’s leading consumer care and cosmetic manufacturers have been using a “clean-by-design” process, meeting the demands of consumer trends, ultra-short production cycles, and brand protection.

When production schedules are so tight that products are manufactured and delivered to a store shelf within the same day there is no room for error.

Using the same gold standard detection methods as the largest manufacturers, traditional growth confirmation assays can be reduced to 24 hours.

Subjectivity-based enumeration or visual turbidity confirmation is removed with a confident “Yes/No” answer, providing the critical answer to the question, “Is it clean or not?”

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With options that suit manufacturers small and large with regulatory-compliant data management software, it’s time to give your QC process a makeover.

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