Microbiota - Symbiotically Together: The biological approach of Vytrus

Published: 28-Jun-2023

The skin microbiota is constituted by beneficial microbes playing a critical role in supporting the skin's barrier function and modulating the immune response and safeguarding it against pathogens and allergens

Recognising the multifaceted role of skin microbiota, it is imperative for cosmetics to adopt a holistic approach. Prebiotic, probiotic, postbiotic, and symbiotic approaches have emerged as natural solutions to correct or prevent microbiota dysbiosis in the skin.

Vytrus Biotech, with a decade of expertise on the skin microbiota field, combines sustainable plant biotechnology and microbiota research to explore the potential of totipotent plant cell cultures in skincare and haircare. This research has led to the development of innovative and microbiota-compatible active ingredients, unveiling cutting-edge mechanisms of action.

Further advancements in suncare field led to the exploration of a new biological axis, identifying the Sun-Microbiota-Skin axis. This highlighted the pivotal role of the microbiota in the effects of sunlight on the skin, with specific bacteria species producing “solar postbiotics”. To address this, Vytrus introduced Photobiome™ - The Microbiota Photoprotector, a prebiotic blend obtained from Pomegranate and Cotton stem cells. This active, nominated for the Best Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics Global 2023 and awarded at BSB Innovation awards 2023, provides photoprotection to the skin microbiota and improves signs of skin photoageing, stimulating the microbiota to produce its own beneficial photo-defense molecules.

Vytrus, a biotech company, focuses on developing microbiota-friendly actives and plans to incorporate a comprehensive test to ensure microbial viability and diversity across its entire product range. These achievements further motivate Vytrus in their ongoing work to harness the potential of the microbiota and continue their exploration of nature's power through sustainable biotechnology.

Find out more about Vytrus Biotech microbiota respectful innovations by joining our colleague Raquel Ferreira at SCS Annual conference on July 5th on her conference “Microbiota Rejuvenation & Photoprotection: novel plant strategies based on biotechnology”.

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