Mktg Industry launches separate-to-recycle stick packs

Published: 2-Jul-2020

New Lipstick Gea and Face Stick Gea S2R reduce use of plastic by up to 60%

Italian cosmetics packaging supplier Mktg Industry has unveiled eco-friendly lipstick and facial make-up stick packs under a new ‘S2R’ separate-to recycle concept.

The two new packs, Lipstick Gea and Face Stick Gea S2R are made using paper and plastic, which can easily be separated for recycling purposes.

The solutions have a cardboard or paper base, plastic inside mechanism, plastic sleeve and a cardboard or paper cap, which enables a 60% reduction in the use of plastic as compared with standard packs.

After use, the consumer can easily separate the cardboard/paper base from the plastic inner mechanism to facilitate correct recycling of the different materials.

There is also potential for companies to take the product refill route by selling the inner plastic mechanism containing the product formula independently.

Mktg Industry is promoting its S2R concept via a logo which its clients can use for free when using S2R packaging solutions.

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