More than aromatic: Why rose is the next big beauty ingredient

Elodie Oger, Catherine Gondran, Justine Cotton, Karine Cucumel and Corine Morel discuss plant small RNA technology, a novel green chemistry application that captures the freshness of rose petals

Rosa centifolia – also called the rose of 100 petals or Provence rose – is a prestigious flower, which is locally sourced in Provence in the south of France. The flowers are pale pink with many petals; these number about 100, hence the botanical name. It has long inspired perfumers from Grasse due to its unique olfactory signature.

Rosaliss is an extract of fresh flowers of Rosa centifolia obtained using Ashland’s proprietary and patented PSR (plant small RNA) technology. This technology is based on an aqueous extraction process, leading to plant extracts rich in a wide range of phytomolecules and in low molecular weight ribonucleotides.

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