Mum Beauty: Mummy’s little helpers

Published: 24-Apr-2023

From the Cosmetics team, many have joined the Mummy team - and have since redefined their demands on cosmetics!

  • Immediate effect for face and body
  • Energised and fresh appearance
  • Correction of skin imperfections
  • Time-saving and easy to use

ECKART'S Mummy Cosmetics team has made these wishes come true with the help of their effect pigments. The team is happy to share their formulation secrets with you - get inspired by this trend concept 2023 "Mum Beauty”!

“Our new ECKART trend concept 2023 'Mum Beauty' shows how effect pigments can be used in formulations to quickly and easily achieve the desired effect for any skin colour', says Michaela Gerstacker, Technical Service Cosmetics.

Mum Beauty: Mummy’s little helpers

Discover ECKART’s new “Mum Beauty” concept and let yourself be inspired by their formulations:

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