NPA says NSF and NATRUE’s first US natural standard claim is misleading

Accuses partners of confusing consumers and manufacturers

Last week’s announcement by NSF International and NATRUE that they “have partnered to develop the first American national standard for natural personal care products” has been met with anger from the Natural Products Association, which established the NPA Natural Seal in 2008.

“NPA is here to help the consumer, not confuse them. A second seal with different standards does no service to natural products customers, retailers, or manufacturers,” comments NPA executive director and ceo John Gay. “The NPA certification programme has been a huge success, with hundreds of products and ingredients earning our coveted natural seal.

“It’s unfortunate and puzzling that NATRUE and NSF International made their announcement in a way that could so easily be misconstrued by the public. As NPA and NATRUE had multiple discussions on mutual recognition of our standards, NATRUE and NSF no doubt know that the US already has a successful natural standard and any standard they developed could not be called the ‘first’. I certainly hope their choice of words was not meant to intentionally mislead anyone.”