New Revlon film shows power of make-up ritual on women


The Love Test film shows the effects of a daily ritual on women's outlooks of themselves

Beauty brand Revlon has released a short film that aims to illustrate how a simple daily make-up ritual can enhance a woman’s emotional state and open her mind to love and romance.

The film, Love Test: Choose Love, was directed by Tatia Pilieva, and produced following research carried out with Fordham University. The study found that by facing a mirror, using a favourite fragrance, applying make-up, enjoying a sweet, taking a deep breath, and smiling at yourself, can create a positive change in the way participants view themselves; 97% of participants reported a significant positive change in themselves after adopting the ritual for one week.

In the film, six couples are introduced on camera. The couples are then separated and asked a few questions such as: “What are the first words that come to mind to describe your relationship?”, “When was the last time you had sex?”, and “What turns you on the most?”. It also asks “What are you most insecure about?”. The answers ranged from the way they looked to their personality. The women were then sent home for a week to try a daily beauty ritual with make-up, fragrance, chocolate and a mirror. When they came back in front of the camera, the women were unaware their partners were listening in on their answers. The women were asked whether they felt differently after the week was up. Some of the women said they felt more empowered and felt like they had been given the ability to treat themselves. Others felt their insecurities had been lessened and liked the way they looked more.

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Tracy Rohrbaugh, Vice President of Marketing at Revlon, said: “Rituals can be powerful – performing them can actually change the way you feel. Taking the time each day to appreciate yourself, especially what makes you unique, is a simple but effective way to create positive energy. This daily ritual can manifest more kindness, more affection, more flirting, and more love. Initiating this virtuous cycle helps the doer to both give and receive more love.”