New cosmetic ingredient VeganProteoglycan launched


ICHIMARU PHARCOS is a pioneer of manufacturing Proteoglycan and has been holding the largest share of Proteoglycan in the market for many years

It is known that Proteoglycan is a very effective ingredient, but some customers avoid it because of animal-derived proteoglycan.

This time, ICHIMARU PHARCOS has been successful in developing and manufacturing plant-derived proteoglycan and launched a new cosmetic ingredient, VeganProteoglycan.

Therefore, we would like to propose a novel ingredient, plant-derived Proteoglycan as an effective ingredient to every customer.

The dermis contains fibroblasts, collagen, hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans, and other substances that play an important role in maintaining skin structure. Proteoglycans have been attracting attention in recent years for their ability to promote fibroblast proliferation and collagen production.

Currently, proteoglycans are mainly derived from animal sources such as salmon, but ICHIMARU PHARCOS has developed VeganProteoglycan, a sustainable plant-derived proteoglycan.

VeganProteoglycan is the world's first product that successfully commercialises proteoglycans derived from the Ghatti tree. The function of VeganProteoglycan is to significantly increase fibroblasts, which are the source of extracellular matrix production in the dermis, and to increase the amount of type I collagen. Furthermore, in a human application test, it was confirmed that VeganProteoglycan is effective in increasing the density of collagen in the dermis and reducing wrinkles.

Effects of VeganProteoglycan

  • Increase of fibroblasts and collagen production
  • Increase of collagen density
  • Reduction of wrinkles


  • COSMOS APPROVED certificated
  • IECIC2021 Listed
  • HALAL certified

INCI Name: Water, Butylene Glycol, Soluble Proteoglycan

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