New sustainable mascara from HCP

Discover an innovative and effective mascara solution with a lower environmental impact

Combine high-performance lash results and revolutionary eco-credentials with HCP’s latest mascara offering.

13mm Standard/Trade Size Waterproof Mascara (63U-PCR)

Showcased in the SS21 eco-trend collection ‘Hush’, this stock mascara perfectly demonstrates that packaging can be both beautiful and sustainable.

The white cap is moulded in 100% R-ABS with light grey 'drizzle' decoration and the black bottle is presented in 100% R-PET; a significant reduction in the amount of virgin material used to manufacture this item.

OFC: 12.7ml

Feather Comb (SD0245)

The innovative Feather Comb applicator is the outstanding revolution of this item: precision moulded in black EcoWood, the raw bio-based material is completely plastic-free, carbon neutral and exclusive to HCP.

The comb-style brush has widely spaced bristles to achieve excellent separation and lengthening results, while the feather-shaped profile has a tapered tip to groom brows or reach inner and outer corner lashes.

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