Nobody is perfect until now: Schwan Cosmetics launches world premiere

At this year’s Make Up in Paris, Schwan Cosmetics introduced a brand new and unique product range: PERFECT!

These sustainable pencils are made of renewable wood and are uniquely designed to hold new high-tech ingredients never used before in a wooden pencil, enabling long lasting and waterproof formulas. The high concentration of pure pigments creates the intense colour pay-off.

A highlight in itself is also the innovative worry-free safety-lock cap: Its special design makes it possible to close a wooden pencil airtight for the first time. Thus, the cap will never fall and will keep the formula fresh. A novelty that will be praised by all consumers.

Dagmar Chlosta, Chief Market Officer at Schwan Cosmetics: “As the inventor of the wooden cosmetics pencils, we are extremely excited to create yet another first in the industry. We thereby enlarge our portfolio of eco-friendly products with a new line of high performing formulas in wood pencils – a collection that will undoubtedly resonate with today’s consumers.“

The PERFECT product range includes:

The perfect Eyeliner I PERFECT

  • Super soft and suitable as eyeliner and kajal
  • Intense and vibrant colours
  • Excellent colour pay-off
  • Lasts up to 18 hours as eyeliner, up to 15 hours as kajal

The perfect Brow Liner I PERFECTB

  • For styling and shaping the brows
  • Gel-gliding and soft application
  • Colourless version to high pigmentation
  • Lasts up to 24 hours; waterproof

The perfect Lipliner I PERFECTL

  • No feathering – for a super-stay lip contour
  • Glides smoothly
  • Excellent colour pay-off
  • Lasts up to 12 hours

The PERFECT Packaging

  • No more messy makeup bags thanks to the strong-lock cap
  • Natural wood barrels filled with lusciously creamy, super-blendable formulas
  • Endless range of designs and shades for eyes, lips, brows

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