OWA Haircare kicks off mission to launch sustainable powder-based beauty products

The new shampoo, as part of its Moondust Collection, works to condition the hair and scalp

OWA Haircare has released its debut water-activated powder shampoo product.

The new Hair Wash product (US$29), in its Moondust Collection, is blended with gentle cleansing agents that are said to condition the hair and scalp.

The launch is part of the company’s mission to make beauty more sustainable.

According to OWA, traditional liquid shampoos are said to typically contain 80% water, while its powder contains no water.

OWA Haircare founder and CEO Kailey Bradt said the new product is just the beginning of its mission to help customers “rethink” their beauty routine.

“We want to change the industry standard for water being the first ingredient in most personal care products.

“I want OWA to spark a new wave of innovation in the beauty industry that considers not only what’s in the bottle, but everything; where it’s sourced to how it’s delivered.”

The product is now available from owahaircare.com.

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