Oprah and Dr. Barbara Sturm: How beauty brands are levelling-up with celebrity investment

By Julia Wray 3-May-2023

Amid news that the media mogul is the latest star name to back a favoured beauty brand, Cosmetics Business looks at other brands receiving celebrity investment and the benefits to all parties

Winfrey was introduced to Sturm's brand by famous fan Stella McCartney

Winfrey was introduced to Sturm's brand by famous fan Stella McCartney

Oprah Winfrey has added yet another string to her already-impressive bow: beauty brand investor.

The media mogul and philanthropist invested an undisclosed sum into the Dr. Barbara Sturm skin care label. 

In an interview with the brand’s eponymous founder on oprahdaily.com, filmed in front of a live audience at Hearst Tower in New York City, Winfrey revealed she approached Sturm directly with an offer, having been introduced to the brand by fellow celebrity fan Stella McCartney. 

“It was Stella McCartney, actually,” Winfrey disclosed. 

“She sent me some of the products and I was like: ‘What is this? What is this?!’ 

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“I loved it so much that I then called up Dr Barbara Sturm and said ‘I want to invest in your company’, and I’ve never done that before.”

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