Pinterest Predicts: The beauty trends that will shape 2021

By Becky Bargh 11-Dec-2020

In its annual report, formerly Pinterest 100, the social media site has forecast the beauty trends that will reign supreme in 2021

In its annual report, Pinterest Predicts has revealed the beauty trends that will grip consumers’ attention in 2021.

Formerly known as Pinterest 100, the social media platform has predicted an end to the caked-on make-up look in place of ‘minimalist beauty’ and ‘skinimalism’.

The group said beauty consumers, particularly with Gen Z audiences, will be more focused on how to let their natural skin texture shine through using simpler and more sustainable routines.

“Say goodbye to the 12-step beauty routine,” said Pinterest.

“Skin care brands can help Pinners to streamline their regimens and discover clean products with natural ingredients.

“Make-up brands can share tips on how to create a dewy, natural look that will come across beautifully on camera and on video calls.”


For 2021, Pinterest believes slow beauty will be the reign supreme.

This year has seen an 180% uptick in Pinterest users searching for ‘natural everyday makeup’, trending searches for ‘how to get naturally glowing skin’ and ‘face yoga exercises’ were up four times year-on-year.

‘Home-made skin care’ also saw a 110% increase year-on-year, while searches for ‘aloe vera face mask’ were up 115%.

Indie beauty

Cheeky will be the new chic, according to Pinterest in 2021.

Throughout 2020, users have been hot on searches for ‘smiley face nails’ and ‘indie nails’, up nine times and 21 times respectively.

Meanwhile, ‘indie make-up’ and ‘butterfly eye make-up’ has seen an increase in popularity as consumers experiment with bright make-up ideas.

Poppin’ protective styles

Pinners have been creative with their braiding techniques in 2020.

Searches for ‘knotless box braids’ saw an increase of 150%, while ‘wool braid styles’ saw an uptick of 145%.

Particularly styles that are low maintenance and protective while adding some glamour to a style.

Also seeing a significant increase in the braiding category was ‘viking plaits men’, with a 90% boost in 2020.


Defiant eyebrows are expected to be the new defined eyebrows of 2021.

Next year, consumers are expected to be embracing bolder brows and experiment with statement-making styles.

Users were looking for ‘goth brows’ this year, with an increase of 120%, while colourful eyebrows saw an up of 35% and ombre powder, the beauty look that gives a light to dark ombre across the eyebrows, was boosted 50%.

In 2019, Pinterest switched up its 2020 predictions into themes that showed a broader cultural shift in consumer behaviour, and demonstrated how sectors are interconnected.

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Find out more about Pinterest’s forecast for 2020 via the link below.