Pinterest's Head of Beauty: 'Sustainability is a wave, one which is difficult not to drown in'


As searches for sustainable lifestyles spike on Pinterest, Tom Spratt explores how beauty brands can stay afloat

"Searches for sustainable fashion are up 50% on Pinterest; searches for ‘sustainable home’ up 120%; ‘sustainable living’? Up 70%. Brands may feel like they’ve been hit with a tidal wave of sustainability, however it truly has taken over consumers’ consciousness as they realise the environmental impact of their life choices.

They are no longer simply focused on the type of energy they use, but also the way they travel, the clothes they wear and the beauty products they use. These increasingly well-informed consumers are beginning to only engage with companies whose interests align with theirs, demanding change to those which don’t, and cosmetics brands need to listen carefully.

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But sustainability isn’t a trend for brands to tap into, quickly ...

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