Plant bioactives, combining tradition with technology

Since ancient times medicinal plants have been used for their health beneficial properties, to protect and promote the skin and for treatment of various diseases.

Plants have an enormous capacity to produce complex chemical molecules with bioactive properties. The market for botanicals is expanding with an increasing demand for plant bioactives. It is therefore important to produce the plant raw material a sustainable way. Often traditional production does not support this.

Plant cell cultivation enables sustainable production of high-quality plant raw material. Based on this technique it is possible to target and enrich specific cell types, such as plant stem cells.

Since the cultivation takes place in a clean and controlled environment, the produced plant raw material is free from adulteration, pollution, pesticides and herbicides. Besides cell enrichment, it is further possible to increase the production of bioactives through the MET (Metabolic Enhancement Technology).

For bioactives it is also important to consider their availability in the final product, otherwise their beneficial properties will not be available to our cells. Some bioactives are not available in dry cells even when these are grinded.

This can be due to that they are tightly bound to a cell structure, such as the cell wall. However, these can be made accessible through extraction where these actives are released from their bound position.

The extract with the highest quality and health beneficial properties are high in concentration and standardised to selected actives or group of molecules. This way it is possible to ensure that the extract is always the same in terms of properties and efficacy.

In vitro Plant-tech develops and produces high quality plant raw material and extracts using the plant cell cultivation technology. We are proud of our green and sustainable production platform, producing superior products with compassion for nature.

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