Provital's Sensfeel For Her increases woman’s power of physical attraction

The use of personal care products, in addition to improving our physical appearance, has a positive impact on our own perception and on the way others perceive us.

Sensfeel For Her is based on the natural attraction power of pheromones, so that women can capture male interest.

It is a blend of jasmine flower, whose fragrance increases the testosterone in men, and carob tree, whose fatty acids mimic the composition of copulins, pheromones secreted by women that stimulate men subconciously. The natural secret to appeal men.

An in vivo study was carried out to test the testosterone increase that Sensfeel For Her produces in men.

The results showed how there was an increase of 82% of testosterone, and the maximum response was observed after only 30 minutes.

Sensfeel For Her increases testosterone levels in men, which is the natural way of attracting them.

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