Quantec banishes bad skin

The New Zealand based dairy biotechnology company has created a protein based cream for the treatment of acne

Quantec, a New Zealand based dairy biotechnology company, has created a protein based cream that’s been shown to be effective in the treatment of acne.

In a recent clinical trial involving 84 subjects over 42 days, a cream containing its patented complex of bioactive milk proteins – IDP – showed a reduction in acne lesions plus a reduction of over 52% in redness and inflammation. It was also found to be suitable for hyper-reactive and sensitive skin, according to Quantec, which presented the results of its US clinical trial to dermatologists at the New Zealand Dermatological Society Annual Meeting held in Coolum, Australia.

“IDP is a unique and naturally derived complex of bio-proteins,” said Rod Claycomb, Founder and MD of Quantec. “These bio-proteins have unique properties, which make them very powerful against certain types of disease causing bacteria which leave the natural and beneficial bacteria of the skin largely unaffected.”

He added: “By leaving these natural and beneficial bacteria active on the skin, IDP creates a perfect scenario for the treatment and management of acne.”