Rahn targets sensocosmetics and scalp care with new ingredients

By Julia Wray 9-Mar-2022

Myramaze-Essence and Radicare-Eco will debut at the in-cosmetics Global trade show in April

<i>Myramaze-Essence activates sensory receptors to relax the mind and restore skin's glow</i>

Myramaze-Essence activates sensory receptors to relax the mind and restore skin's glow

Rahn is approaching two key 2022 trends for its in-cosmetics Global launches: sensocosmetics and scalp care.

New Myramaze-Essence activates the sensory receptors of the skin and nose, relaxing the mind and restoring skin’s natural glow.

Rahn noted that a depressed mood can have a negative impact on the appearance of skin, making it look sallow and dull.

Scent compounds in Myramaze-Essence are said to affect the bitter taste receptors in the skin, reinvigorating it and returning it to a relaxed and luminous state, even at low-threshold concentrations.

In vitro studies demonstrated that Myramaze-Essence’s activation of bitter taste receptors on keratinocytes induces a calcium influx: a driver of skin vitality.

In clinical studies, it was shown to elicit a more positive mood in persons under stress, instantly lowering levels of stress hormones.

It balances facial hydration, reduces redness, brightens, reduces roughness and increases shine.

Meanwhile, Radicare-Eco is an antioxidant inspired by protection mechanisms found in the leaves and fruit husks of plants.

It protects hair and scalp against urban airborne particulate matter and UV.

Long-term exposure to particulate matter and solar irradiation is known to induce chemical damage to both hair and scalp because toxic and oxidising pollutants become attached to them.

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Radicare-Eco, based on rosmarinic acid from lemon balm, young shoots of barley grass and alpha-glucosyl hesperidin, works by forming a non-occlusive shield against urban pollution to protect the hair and scalp.

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