Refill and Licata jars: New green solutions

Published: 25-Sep-2019

If you are looking for a more precious or a minimal solution, choose the version that best suits you between our new “green” glass jars

Refill 50:

A new 50ml refillable glass jar with a heavy glass bottom which gives a large size impression. This jar is the perfect combination between luxury and sustainability.

The luxury of the glass is combined with the sustainability of the internal PP container and the lid, which can be both made of post-industrial recycled PP.
Both the lid and the inner pp container can be purchased separately for practical and eco-friendly refilling countless times.

This is the first refillable cosmetic jar able to guarantee airtightness without the use of a wad, as is usually required with common cosmetic packaging.
This results in a 100% recycled PP mono-material pack, giving a huge benefit in terms of recyclability.

For those who are looking for a more minimal version instead, Licata is the best choice.

Licata 50:

The first cosmetic jar in the world made with more than 75% post-consumer recycled glass for the green glass version and the 60% of PCR glass for transparent version. This percentage rises up to 90% including the post-production recycled glass too.

Available in green recycled glass and soon also in PCR transparent glass.
The green glass has a 99% shielding from UV radiation and its production allows a reduction of CO2 emissions up to 36%, compared to the production of the same item made of non-recycled transparent glass.

This version perfectly combines with the Licata PP lid, 100% post-industrial recycled and the Licata shive, 100% green PE.
 The transparent jar instead is suitable to be used with an internal 100% PCR PP container, for an even lighter refillable solution together with the 100% post-industrial recycled PP lid.

Make your choice and be green!

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