Rejuvenating the skin microbiota? New concept in well-ageing


Well-ageing is a global concern. What if we could achieve a younger skin by rejuvenating the skin microbiota?

Vytrus proposes a new approach in skin well-ageing and microbiome fields by developing Quora Noni™ biomics.

Quora Noni™ biomics is a 100% natural active from plant stem cells that respectfully rebalances and rejuvenates the skin microbiota to bring a younger-looking skin, for the first time in cosmetics.

Vytrus has studied the role of the microbiota on skin ageing and how our microbial population changes and ages with the passage of time, negatively affecting our skin’s appearance. Our skin bacteria communicate through a system called Quorum Sensing that generates coordinated behaviours that can turn our bacteria virulent. When that happens, there is a microbial imbalance that leads to the generation of molecules that can damage our skin – the so-called Senile Biome Markers (pro-ageing markers).

QUORA NONI™ biomics brings a plant strategy to modulate these bacteria behaviours, rebalancing the skin microbiota and promoting Youth Biome Markers. This mechanism (Quorum Quenching) rejuvenates the skin by rejuvenating the skin microbiota and brings beneficial properties to the skin on both mature and young skins (clinically tested):

  • Rebalanced and younger microbiota
  • Improvement of wrinkles on mature skins
  • Stimulation of the skin’s immune system (β-defensin improvement)
  • Skin-firming and perfecting effect
  • Skin-pore and redness reduction

This active ingredient transfers properties of a wonderful plant (Morinda citrifolia, also called Noni) to our skin, reducing the signs of cutaneous ageing produced by the ageing of the skin microbiota: a new approach to skincare that is based on the power of nature and a sustainable raw material from biotechnology.

Request a sample of the active and join the real sustainable revolution.

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