Retail: brands on display

Successful in-store presentation creates experiences and reinforces brand messages. Charles Kessler explores the vital role of POP design in the beauty world

In-store presentation is growing in importance within the beauty business – but why is this the case? It is a surprising but understandable truth that the growth of digital communication and e-commerce has added strength and importance to point of purchase (POP) in-store and its role in communicating with consumers. Evidence of this was never greater than during Christmas 2013, which saw some of the strongest competition for floor space, shelf displays and in-store activity than ever before. The huge success shown by House of Fraser, among others, in the department store category is testament to the importance put on in-store presentation.

Visual communication

Interestingly, emerging social media and social shopping platforms have led to new trends in display within the store context.

“Consumers are increasingly well informed before they come into the store,” explains Michelle Panther, Design & Merchandising Manager at Benefit Cosmetics UK and ROI. This means displays need to evolve and educate the consumer in a more sophisticated way, and Benefit has put this to best effect in-store.

Panther describes the brand’s POP design as “vintage with a twist”, adding: “The look and feel is about warmth and openness with a colour palette of pinks and pastels, where modern stools in clear acrylic play off against retro mannequin heads.

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