Retail watch: Jean-Claude Biguine salons


Brian Feinman talks to Cosmetics Business about trends in hair care and styling

Hair and beauty salon chain Jean-Claude Biguine is headquartered in Paris and operates 289 hair salons in nine countries. Cosmetics Business Markets talks to Brian Feinman, International Marketing Director at Jean-Claude Biguine about trends in hair care and styling and the salon’s bestselling products.

Brian Feinman

Brian Feinman

What types of hair care products have been selling well through your salons over the past 12 months?

The bestselling products are conditioners, masks to repair and hydrate, oils and dry shampoos.

What are the biggest trends in hair care products at the moment?

Consumers seek easy-to-use multifunctional products that offer immediate results, and they are looking for quality. We have launched the Jean- Claude Biguine BB Cream range with a triple action to hydrate, soften and illuminate the hair, creating shine thanks to vitamins and specific care ingredients in the formulas. The product line has excellent price points and is sold in Jean-Claude Biguine salons and in the mass market at Intermarché.

What is the latest trend in hair styling?

The style is wavy hair, but the real trend is called “flave” a combination of flat and wavy. It is an easy style effect which makes people think of beach holidays. Flave requires few styling products and less blow drying time. The hair is crimped during blow drying or may be turned on a curling or straightening iron depending on the type of hair, combed with the hands and a little mist of spray may be applied to texturise the hair.

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However, the hair must be in excellent condition for which a conditioner or mask is necessary to provide shine, softness and a bouncy effect. Dry shampoos are very practical as they can be used to avoid washing the hair but they are also good for providing texture for the flave effect.