Rouge Oleifera unveiled as Ojon’s new must-have ingredient


Ingredient sourced from the red fruit that surrounds each ojon nut

Estée Lauder brand Ojon has revealed that it has discovered strengthening, restorative and softening properties in Rouge Oleifera oil, which is found in the fruit that surrounds the ojon nut. And it has combined this oil together with the ojon oil to produce its latest product – the Instant Restorative Hair Serum.

Out in September, the product is said to provide an instant solution to fine, dry and flyway hair, and can be used on either dry hair as a finishing product or on damp hair for its protective qualities.

Rouge Oleifera oil is said to have strong antioxidant benefits from the beta-carotene it contains, which is said to be seven times stronger than that in carrots. Deep red in colour, the Rouge Oleifera is extracted from the outer pulp by a process of cold pressing.

The action is carried out by local co-operatives in Central America, who will receive a proportion of Estée Lauder’s revenues from the sale of Instant Restorative Hair Serum, which will help them preserve their rainforests and their traditional way of life.

In other news, Ojon is also set to launch five new hair care rituals – Damage Reverse, Dry Recovery, Volume Advance, Color Sustain and Full Detox – the first one of these, Color Sustain, will launch in June. This range is currently previewing in John Lewis stores nationwide and aims to instantly add shine and vibrancy to coloured hair. The line-up includes Color Sustain Color Revealing Shampoo, Color Sustain Color Revealing Conditioner and Color Sustain Color Protecting Cream.