SK-II demonstrates Pitera efficacy via Late Night Portraits ‘stress test’

By Julia Wray | 14-Jul-2022

New campaign challenges SK-II’s brand ambassadors to be photographed wearing nothing on their face except Pitera Essence

SK-II has challenged its brand ambassadors to take part in a ‘stress test’ to demonstrate the efficacy of its Pitera Essence product.

The campaign, called Late Night Portraits, saw celebrity faces for SK-II prep their skin with Pitera Essence at night-time before being photographed bare skinned.

SK-II demonstrates Pitera efficacy via Late Night Portraits ‘stress test’

The ambassadors involved in the campaign include Mina of girl group Twice, Japanese actress Ayaka Miyoshi, Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe and SK-II's longest-standing brand ambassador, Japanese actress Kaori Momoi.

Pitera is a naturally-derived skin care ingredient made via a proprietary yeast fermentation process and Pitera Essence is SK-II’s global hero product.

“Based on our latest breakthrough study about the phenomenon of daily skin fluctuations in young women and the discovery of how she can look up to almost ten years older within a day, we embarked on this bold stress-test to uncover the condition of Pitera-powered skin in her worst moment,” said SK-II’s CEO Sue Kyung Lee.

“I was eager to participate in Late Night Portraits because I was curious about how well my skin would stand up to the test,” commented Miyoshi.

“My skin turned out radiant and truly looked its best even at my worst moment.

“I hope my Late Night Portrait will convince everyone to be more conscious of starting a skin care routine early.”

Momoi added: “As a long-time user of Pitera Essence, I felt confident about the condition of my skin even late at night.”

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