Sabinsa reaches intellectual property milestone with over 400 granted patents

Published: 21-Feb-2023

Sabinsa, a pioneer in nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industry founded by Dr. Muhammed Majeed in 1988, has expanded its intellectual property portfolio to over 400 granted patents and more than 900 registered trademarks across the globe. The most recent granted patents are from Australia, Japan, Canada, Europe, and the USA

Sabinsa’s extensive patent portfolio includes composition, use, and process patents. Several of the patented flagship brands, BioPerine®, Curcumin C 3 Complex®, LivLonga®, LactoSpore®, Sabroxy®, and Curcumin C 3 Reduct®, are market leaders, trusted by customers and consumers alike. While many of the branded ingredients manufactured by the Sami-Sabinsa Group are used in dietary supplements, many have cosmetic applications, such as Proscalpin™, LactoSporin®, SabiWhite®. Sabinsa’s innovative ecosystem continues to develop and market new patented ingredients such as Cirpusins®, WithanAlpha®, CurCousin® and Saberry®.

“I’m extremely proud that the Sami-Sabinsa R&D team has demonstrated both scientific rigor and imagination in expanding my vision of using modern research to unlock new aspects of the wisdom of Ayurveda for so many decades,” said Dr. Majeed. “Our innovation backed by science will continue to bring out trusted brands with IP creation and protection, intertwined in our business model.”

Sabinsa’s patent portfolio started with the grant of US patent no. 5536506, issued on 16th July 1996 for its Black pepper extract, BioPerine®, for improving gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients. BioPerine®, standardised to contain 95% piperine, provides bio-enhancing property of nutrients by facilitating higher absorption. With nearly 63 clinical studies on BioPerine, it is recognised as “the most clinically studied black pepper extract brand in the world.” Even after two decades from the filing of the first patent, BioPerine® is still one of the premier ingredients patented for further use indications in US10258073, US10477886, US10864242, US10881623, US10945969, and US11045517, forming an integral part of our brands such as Metabolicgard®, WithanAlpha®, Nigellin®, and LivLonga®.

As pioneers in bringing curcuminoids to the market, Sabinsa’s continuous research efforts to identify bioavailable curcuminoids has yielded multiple versions, including Curcumin C 3 Reduct®. Recently approved by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as a Novel Food, Curcumin C 3 Reduct® contains more bio-available Tetrahydrocurcuminoids (THCs), which are the reductive metabolites of curcuminoids.

Sabroxy® is a patented extract of Oroxylum indicum bark extract, bio-standardised to a unique set of compounds, oroxylin-A, baicalein and chrysin. Sabroxy helps to support healthy cognitive function, improves memory, concentration, focus and recall in healthy people. This standardised composition comprising oroxylin-A was issued patent in the US, US11458117, for inhibiting the activity and expression of β-secretase, the causative enzyme for build-up of amyloid plaques on the neurons. The excellent anti-oxidant properties of Sabroxy® helps recover the damaged neuronal mitochondrial health by sustaining the oxidative chain in the neurons promoting cognitive health.

In the cosmetic sector, Proscalpin® , a patented (US9498423) herbal hair care product comprising Cococin® (Cocos Nucifera liquid endosperm), Saberry® (Emblica Officinalis fruit extract) and PeptiSeLect® (a naturally occurring Selenium containing peptide in garlic) prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. In the skin care
section, the reduced curcumin metabolite, Tetrahydrocurcumin (SabiWhite® ), when combined with Ethyl ascorbic acid, a stable vitamin C variant, synergistically improved cosmetic benefits by inhibiting melanogenesis have been patented in the US (US10864154) and several other jurisdictions. In addition to Proscalpin® and SabiWhite® , the company manufactures safe herbal based cosmetic ingredients which cater to the needs of the industry. The popularity of the ingredients was duly recognised by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM, with “Cosmetic Ingredients Manufacturer of the Year-2022” award.

Recent patented brands also include, WithanAlpha® , a composition comprising Withania somnifera extract, Mucuna  pruriens extract, Coleus forskohlii, Kaempferia parviflora extract and BioPerine® covered in the patent US10864242 for supporting male sexual function and libido. In addition, Cirpusins® (Cyperus rotundus extract to manage body weight), CurCousin® (Calebin A for management of metabolic health), and DigeZyme® (an enzyme blend, to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients) have been patented in the US (US9782450, US10172903, US8933121, US9610273) and several other jurisdictions. Sabinsa’s flagship probiotic LactoSpore® received numerous patent grants worldwide for a range of health indications (see:

Sami-Sabinsa Group has received multiple accolades and recognitions for its excellent IP portfolio ( consecutively for 2022 (Best Patent portfolio), 2021 (Best Trademark portfolio), and 2020 (Best Patent and Trademark portfolio) in the SME (Life Sciences/ Pharma) category.

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